IMG_0536Thank you for checking out this website, hopefully it will answer all of your questions about St.Anton. I have been living in St.Anton for many years and realised that there was not really an English website that answered the questions that most people have about planning a ski trip here. Hopefully now this site will do just that!

To find out specific information about St.Anton just go to the topic link buttons at the top of this page and click on the relevant one, this will take you to the information pages relating to that heading. The information that you will find in these pages is described in the link i.e. click on the link: “Apartments for Rent” and it will take you to a list great self catering apartments in St.Anton. In these information pages you will find a brief topic description and then links to the relevant info for that topic either in the sidebar on the top right if you are using a pc or in the links at the bottom of each page if you are using a mobile phone or tablet. 

St.Anton has many reputations but in reality it can be anything that you want it to be. You can come here for a wild non-stop roller coaster ride of skiing and partying, but you can also come here and have a very peaceful romantic holiday, eating in great restaurants that would not be out of place in any major city. There is a wonderful spa & swimming pool along with full gymnasium adjacent to the slopes and many other things to entertain you. 

St.Anton rightly has a reputation as offering some very taxing slopes for the experienced skier, but it also has plenty of great slopes for the beginner to learn on – the key is actually having lessons! Lots of my friends have learnt to ski here!! Yes, St.Anton can be an expensive place to ski – however with some careful planning and inside info you can actually come here to ski and not have to mortgage your house away.

St.Anton is renowned as the birthplace of the modern ski technique and boasts the oldest ski school in the world. It is a beautiful place to stay and ski, the village is so pretty when the snow has fallen and the trees are all lit up – it really is Christmas every day. Many of the original buildings are still here and the newer buildings are a great blend of old and modern architectural styles. If one word has to describe St.Anton I would say that the word should be quality. Many friends, upon skiing here for the first time, having previously skied in other countries, are absolutely amazed at the high standards applied throughout the resort. High standards from the food available both on and off the mountain, to the style and decor of the accommodation. Another surprise, which is almost always commented upon, is how cheap it is to eat on the mountain compared to places such as France – so much for this being an expensive resort!!  So check out my recommendations for the very best places to enjoy your lunch on the slopes.  If you have not been to St.Anton before and would like a taste of what the resort has to offer then head for the “St.Anton Video” page where you will find some great video links.